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About the Amazon seller
John Aird

John Aird is an amazon top seller. With more than five thousand ratings from customers, John Aird is awarded a particularly high rating of 4.81 stars, indicating that most consumers are very satisfied with the products they purchased from this store.
They mainly sell John Aird, The Textile House brands products. At present, they offer over two hundred products for sale. The average price of all products in John Aird is about £3.70. It’s affordable for most people.
They are a Top 500 seller, and currently ranked 147th overall. They have improved from the 252nd position last month. The ranking of the list is based on the number of feedbacks received over the past year, while taking into account the reduction of negative ratings.

John Aird
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John Aird

Want to return or refund from John Aird?
Please refer to the Returns Policy and Refunds Policy or contact John Aird to
get information
about any additional policies that may apply.

Order from John Aird not delivered, would like to know order tracking information?
You can go directly to the order page to see the order tracking information for your purchase. If you still
have questions about this, you can click here for more order help information.

I am not sure how to use the purchased items and would like to ask?
We are not that Amazon seller and do not provide consulting services for the use of the item. Please
contact John Aird
for your inquiry.

I’m the owner of this amazon store, want to have my information removed from FindThisBest?
Please send us an email with your information about John Aird or John Aird & Co. Ltd and we will review it and do the processing.

I got a charge in my credit card from John Aird, but I did not order anything from
Please check your credit bill to recall if the order was placed from an website store or Amazon. If you
still have questions about the chargeback, please contact the Amazon seller John Aird to confirm if there is indeed a problem.

What’s the contact for John Aird?
We couldn’t find contact information like phone number and email for John Aird at this time, you can go
directly to this
seller’s Amazon page for more information.

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